EarGuards Ear Plugs – Sound and Water Protection

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The first universal ear plug for both noise and swim ear protection with the patented CeramX filter. A technological breakthrough in ear protection and safety.

◉ Both adult and children sizes in one box
◉ More sanitary than wax or putty plugs
◉ No annoying ear residue
◉ Patented ceramic filter seals out water, but allows in voice for safer water activities
◉ Reduces harsh noise while allowing normal conversation
◉ Bonus pack for better value
◉ Each pack contains 2 pair – 1 adult size and 1 children’s size

Instructions: For Maximum results, use your opposite hand to pull the top of your ear upward. Insert the ribbed end and turn like a corkscrew until snug

Usage: Can be used for concerts, studying, traveling, work or to swim. Do not use below 10 feet (3 meters) of water.

Includes to convenient storage cases.

Noise Reduction Rating: 20 Decibels when used as directed

Contains 2 pair (1 Adult and 1 Child)