Platypus Bariatric (SWL 200kg) Water Wheelchair – GST Free

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    A wider and sturdier version of the standard water wheelchair (SKU 9580). Frame is reinforced and braced through the base and side.

    Intended for use on ground and ramps in swimming pools. A lightweight, rustproof, self-propelled wheelchair designed to be fully immersed in salt, chlorinated or fresh water.

    Constructed from high strength PVC piping and fittings which will not absorb heat if left in the sun. The open weave fabric on the seat and back of the chair allows for the passage of air and water.

    Added bonus of solid tyres which will never go flat.

    Ideal for Hydrotherapy Pools, Leisure Centres, showering and outdoor environments.

    Features for Bariatric (SWL 200kg) Water Wheelchair       

    • 600mm rear wheels
    • Self-propelled push rings on wheels for easy manoeuvrability
    • Wheels equipped with user-operated brakes on each side for added safety
    • Lap belt included
    • Swing away arms for side transfer
    • High quality stainless steel castors
    • Folding footrest for front entry
    • High quality stainless steel castors
    • Easy to dry and clean
    • Frame rapidly empties and fills with water
    • Lightweight frame avoiding carer injuries
    • Can be weighted for children
    • Spare parts available eg: wheels, foot plates, arm rests, mesh fabric, over the shoulder harness

    Specifications for Bariatric (SWL 200kg) Water Wheelchair

    • Seat height 53cm
    • Seat width 54cm (Bariatric)
    • Chair height 100cm
    • Chair width  77cm (Bariatric)
    • Chair length 80cm
    • Seat Depth 47cm
    • Back Rest Height 47cm
    • Weight 20kgs

    3 tips for safely using an Aquatic Wheelchair

    1. Positioning is paramount to optimise buoyancy and stability. The user should be carefully seated to ensure even weight distribution and should maintain a balanced and centred posture while in the water to assist with stability.
    2. It is vital that a carer or lifeguard is within arm’s reach in case difficulties arise during transfer or while in the pool.
    3. When at a public aquatic centre it is important to stay within the designated aquatic areas and obey all facility rules.


    Please choose your Water Wheelchair carefully as  re-stocking and return freight will be charged.


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