Aquatic Step

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    The Aquatic Step is versatile for step classes or aquatic therapy, and its light weight allows for easy stacking and storing. The step is also good for therapy, gait training, water aerobics and plyometrics. These Aqua Steps resist stains, won’t absorb odours and are easily cleaned. Will not dent, corrode or scratch pool floors. Latex free.

    The Aquatic Step is not designed to be left in the pool 24/7. The Aquatic Step should be removed from the water after the session in which it has been used. We recommend a stainless steel aqua step if there is a need to have it under the water permanently.

    When placing the step in the water, turn it upside down so the water fills the underside of the step and therefore removes any trapped air.

    Slowly position the Aquatic Step on the pool floor.

    Size: 63cm Length x 38cm Width x 20cm Height (weighs 2.9kg)


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