Aquafit Upright Float

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Triangular shaped ring with a large pillow. A velcro opening allows for waist adjustment. Provides underarm support as well as shoulder and neck support.

Easy to put on and take off. Offers stable support for trunk exercises.

Wearing this float is a personal thing re comfort. Some swimmers like floats that are more fitted and other swimmers like floats that are looser around their bodies. The Upright Float fits snugly into the body as the beads can be “plumped” in parts where more buoyancy or support is needed. It is a very comfortable float for swimmers who have difficulty in holding their heads up for any period of time and have a need for extra support behind the head, neck and shoulders. The large pillow enables the swimmer to remain in an upright position in the water and maintain eye contact with friends. An immensely sociable float.

Fits under the armpits of a swimmer just like a swim ring – so the important consideration is chest size when choosing the float.


Item 9501S Inside circumference  72cm.   Suitable for child 5-10years.

Item 9501M Inside circumference  89 cm.  Suitable for adolescent to medium size adult.

Item 9501L Inside Circumference  102cm. Suitable for larger adult up to 100kg.

The Upright Float can be used in combination with other floats eg: provides a larger platform for swimmers wearing a neck collar (SKU 9401) or a filler float for swimmers inside a square float with saddle (SKU 9396).

Suitable for swimmers with a tracheostomy to enable them to float unaided in water.

Use as a Bathing Aid

The Upright Float provides comfortable support for the trunk and head while the bather is seated in a bath. The soft fabric and polystyrene beads can be plumped around the body with the bather’s arms resting on the outer ring.