Aquafit Sausage Float

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Made from polyester fabric and polystyrene beads

Sausage-shape float used as knee support to give correct posture and relaxation during supine float

May be used as a pommel to maintain hip abduction during water based activities e.g. upper limb sculling.

For the aquatic professional:

The Aquafit Sausage Float is a very versatile float. In supine float it can be placed under knees or ankles to maintain good posture or used as a thoracic support for very dense patients to also encourage appropriate posture and increase stability. It can be positioned under the axillas in prone swimming when some assistance is required eg: patients with shoulder problems. The Aquafit Sausage Float may serve as an extra head support in supine float either by itself or in conjunction with another style collar or pillow, or just be used under the arms for vertical suspension activities.

Further uses include having the Aquafit Sausage Float under the knees and clipped to tether the supine patient to the rail for arm exercises or for manual traction.

Finally, our Aquafit Sausage Float can be tethered to other sausage floats to create a stable mobile rail for pools with no rails, or to promote social interaction in group activities.

The Aquafit range of floats has been specifically designed for aquatic therapy and exercise. These floats are to be used under the supervision of a qualified professional. Aquafit floats are not to be regarded as a life preserver.