Aquafit Pelvic Float with Ties

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The Aquafit Pelvic Float is designed to compliment the Aquafit Square Float (item 9398). It enables the patient to be further positioned during relaxation and exercise. Both the Aquafit Square Float and the Aquafit Pelvic Float is a preferred combination float for the disabled swimmer. To be used under the legs as shown in listing for Square Float (item 9398).

One size only.

For the aquatic professional:

The Aquafit Pelvic Float is exactly the same as the Aquafit Hip Float except that it has straps with buckles which enables it to easily and securely extend the function of the Aquafit Square Float (item 9398)

The Aquafit range of floats has been specifically designed for aquatic therapy and exercise. These floats are to be used under the supervision of a qualified professional.

Aquafit floats are not to be regarded as a life preserver.