Aquafit Bolster

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Provides comfortable support under shoulders. Elevates chest and face above water when swimming on front. Excellent float to strengthen neck, back, shoulders and hips. Also appropriate for swimmers who wish to develop their kicking skills.

For the aquatic professional :

The Aquafit Bolster is intended as a support for patients seeking comfortable positions for pain relief and massage. It can be used in the corner of a pool or on a hydrotherapy plinth to avoid neck discomfort. Its benefits also extend to becoming a safety device when doing sitting, balancing and other activities on a hydrotherapy plinth. The float is excellent for activities in prone support and has application in the neurological treatment of children as a balance bolster. Straps allow the Aquafit Bolster to be attached to the pool corner, rail, plinth or other Aquafit equipment.

The Aquafit range of floats has been specifically designed for aquatic therapy and exercise. These floats are to be used under the supervision of a qualified professional. Aquafit floats are not to be regarded as a life preserver.