Aqua Duck Float

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Aqua Duck Float
The original bead filled pool float that does not need to be inflated. Moulds easily to your body. Far more fun than other floaters because it is so light and stable. You can race around, fall off it, or just laze around. It is just the right size for adults and nice and big for kids. With care you will get years of fun from your AquaDuck.

Sensory Corner:
An excellent tool for your aquatic sensory integration program. Use as an aquatic lounger where the sensation of floating in water creates a controlled vestibular sensation. The high sides on this specialised float provide an effective barrier against rolling into the water. It offers great support and makes floating in the water a comfortable and relaxing experience.
Made from a chlorine resistant polyester mesh with sides plumped with 60 litres of polystyrene beads. Our polystyrene beads have been designed to a particular density, thickness and shape to meet our exacting standards of excellence.
High sides of AquaDuck are an effective safety feature for swimmers with disability.

Size: 120cm length x 80cm width

Shipping: due to the bulky nature of this product, we will charge postage on each Aqua Duck should you wish to purchase more than one in your order.