“Anti-burst” Sensory Ball – 65cm

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A large sensory ball. Easy to grasp. Nodules provide  extra sensory stimulation. Ideal for balance training, vestibular therapy, exercise, tactile therapy and gross motor skills development.

These balls are often used by paediatric and NDT (Neuro-Developmental Treatment) therapists as an aid for vestibular movement and equilibrium therapy.

Our video shows how the sensory ball can be used to develop muscle strength, head control and balance during “tummy-time” for young babies. The rolling action and head movement stimulates the vestibular sense, which helps to develop balance, coordination, posture and cognition. The textured surface stimulates the tactile senses while the gentle rocking action is soothing and calming for the nervous system.

These sensory balls are also popular with fitness professionals as an aid for stretching and strength programs, used by pregnant women in birthing classes and by people with back problems. This bumpy ball is easy to grasp and fun to play with.

Balls are shipped deflated. Can be inflated using a tyre pump (at your local petrol station) or a ball pump. “Under inflate to give a soft, mushy feel or more fully inflate for a firm, bouncy feel.

Size: 65cm diameter

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