12. Ryall's Water Work Out Buoyancy Belt - X Large - Black (94cm)
Product ID 124216
Manufacturer Ryall's
Manufacturer Part No 9325XL
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Product Information

Item: 9325XL


High density closed cell foam covered with nylon chlorine resistant sleeve with quick release adjustable strap. Developed for exercising upright, shoulder depth in deep water. A water workout using this style of buoyancy belt is intended to maintain and/or improve fitness and lose body fat.

Colour coded for size.
Belt Size                 Colour                       Length of foam belt                  Length with strap
xxsmall                   silver                                  58cm                                           76cm
x small                   purple                                 64cm                                           88cm
small                    pink/dark pink                       68cm                                           94cm
medium                blue                                      76cm                                          104cm
large                    green/dark green                  86cm                                           114cm
xlarge                      black                                 94cm                                           134cm

xxlarge               yellow/lime                           100cm                                          140cm