09. Aquafit Hip Float - Baby
Product ID 124199
Manufacturer Lyn Madigan
Manufacturer Part No 9308B
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Item: 9308B


Aquafit Hip Float - Baby

Made from polyester fabric and polystyrene beads. Comfortable and extra supportive. The Hip Float maintains hips in a midline position which allows for a more functional supine kick with increased hip extension.


Used in combination with Aquafit Neck Collar (item 9401B), Aquafit Posture Pillow (item 9307B).


Can be placed under chest or hips to assist swimmer who is having difficulty in maintaining a prone swimming position.


Three sizes:

  • Adult (item 9308A)
  • Child (item 9308C)
  • Baby (item 9308B)


What makes the polystyrene bead a brilliant choice for our Theraquatics floats?

 *negligible water absorption due to its cellular structure

 *solvent resistance to chemicals found in swimming pool water

 *retains its original shape and size when exposed to changes in environmental conditions like temperature and/or humidity

 * great buoyancy

 *excellent cushioning and mouldability qualities which snugly support heads, necks, hips and knees during aquatic therapy.  

 Theraquatics polystyrene beads have been designed to a particular density, thickness and shape to meet our exacting standards of excellence.